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All prints are controlled completely by me. I scanned the work and then learned how to use photoshop years ago. All color corrections and cleanup were done by me on every print offered here. I own the equipment to put each image on canvas or paper and have a large assortment of work that I will offer here. This makes each reproduction more of an original than most as I’m in control of all aspects of the final product.

This is a canvas reproduction of Pickerel Lake near Bass Lake in the Weyerhaeuser area… Its 18″ x 40″ and is held in an acid free surrounding and sealed with shrink wrap with a stiff backing (foamboard or cardboard)

“Pickerel Still” 18 x 40″ image size Canvas Reproduction – Giclee’ — $270.00

“Eastern Promise” Canvas reproduction 18 x 36″ $250.00
This is a typical scene found in the foothills of the Blue Hills in Wisconsin. The view is looking east at the sunrise and the promise is the impending Spring season. The end of March or early April with a warm southern flow of moist air over the cool melting snow caused the drama in this scene. It’s another example of the beauty found in everyday places with the right conditions and light…It was right outside my door and it’s the kind of things I get to see all the time when things come together. Spring is always welcome, especially after a hard winter.
“Eastern Promise” Canvas reproduction 18 x 36″
This is sealed in an acid free mount within a shrink wrap protective layer.

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” Moose Ear Springs” 22 x 33 Giclee’ print on canvas

” Moose Ear Springs” 22 x 33″ Canvas Reproduction

This scene is of the headwaters that tribute to the streams that either flow to the Red Cedar or the Chippewa River on it’s way towards the Mississippi. This is one of those warm Spring mornings where the cooler lowland air meets the moist warming air found in mid May . The wild church steeples (balsams) that are common in this part of Wisconsin always help add interest to the surrounding woodland along with dense cover for the wild animals that reside here. The contrasts of the scene are what drew my eye, along with the peaceful morning warmth. This was sure to be the start of a beautiful Spring day.
“AFTER THE STORM” Canvas Print 22 x 33″ ….. This scene is one of the many small lakes found in the NW part of Wisconsin. The time of year is early summer after a small local thunderstorm just passed and the thunder could still be heard in the distance. The swallows found around this lake have all come back out to feed and their song filled the air as they seemed to reassure that all was well. The peace and quiet was the exact opposite of what just passed through, and the sunfish could be heard popping in the pads to get their last meal of the day too. The drama in the sky with the intensity of the colors everywhere after the rain is what I was drawn towards. It was the beginning of wonderful summer evening with the smell of the rain in the air, and the few hours before sunset gave time to recover the sentiment that all is at peace.
This is a canvas print 22 x 33″ Sealed in shrinkwrap and in an acid free mount. $250.00